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Sue Griffith


Article  "An Equestrian Community, what can you Expect?" by Marie

Marie Griffith, site founder, has special credentials for creating and managing this website. The site was designed to provide maximum advertising exposure for Developers, Brokers/Agents and Owners of property in Equestrian Communities throughout the US and abroad. Previously, She was leading equestrian property Realtor, licensed since 1975,  in both California and New Mexico, but now retired from real estate.

Marie now manages full time her websites with her husband, Dave, in Taos, New Mexico, along with her daughter, Sue Griffith-Aguirre, (Sue works remotely from Oregon.) Their websites include:  BuyHorseProperties.com
and MyEquestrianCommunity.com

Originally from Texas where she once taught at the University of Houston,  Marie has lived with her husband, Dave, her horses, and a chocolate lab for a number of years on their horse ranch in Northern California. However, since 2007, Dave and Marie relocated to their passive-solar-built home in the foothills of Taos, NM, boarding their horses nearby, to continue marketing and expanding her top-rated websites with her daughter Sue Griffith and husband Dave, a retired software engineer. Her family is now enjoying their horses exploring the scenic trails of northern and central New Mexico as well as Arizona and Colorado.

Her websites have reached phenomenal success and now always at or very near the top of both Google and Yahoo for those buyers searching for Horse Communities and Horse Property.

Her Electronic Flyer is becoming legend, being monthly emailed to 19,800+ horse people (Horse Realtors, buyers, trainers, breeders, stables, horse businesses, and horse clubs) These names she and her daughter have collected from numerous horse organizations to which they belong and from horse magazines and directories published throughout the U.S. during the past 5 years, as well as the web. This list is being continually expanded and updated with current email addresses and is not sold or shared with anyone. Participants can join online and can always "unsubscribe" from list at any time.

ARTICLES: Marie also writes various real estate articles for her website and various newspapers and periodicals pertaining to the horse industry. She has been featured in the Sacramento Magazine with a full page picture and article and the Sacramento Bee newspaper. Her writing goal is to  educate prospective buyers and Realtors on horse and ranch property as wells as the location of the most noted horse towns and neighborhoods throughout the country.  (via her web site USNeighbor.org,) a website Marie founded in 1997 as a service to the horse community. She has recently launched  MyEquestrianCommunity.com which will supplement her Equestrian Communities (gated and ungated) pages on her website which is rated top internationally in all searches for "horse communities" This consistently high traffic is now forwarded to MyEquestrianCommnity.com

By keeping her website filled with the "Best Bets" in Equestrian Communities, articles, great pictures, and an easy-to-use-and-attractive design, with lots of good detailed information, buyers continue to re-visit her site week after week.  It is little wonder her site remains, month after month, at the top of the two biggest search engines on the net, Google and Yahoo.  Her avant-garde marketing also includes keeping her extensive contact list of, now, tens of thousands, of active horse people and horse businesses always current ---and ever expanding.

Her husband, Dave, a retired software engineer and also a horse enthusiast, (he is very active in the Search and Rescue Mounted Patrol, previously in California, and now in New Mexico) is working with Marie to more fully automate the site to make it even easier and faster to use.


In the late 1960s, on her professors' recommendation, Marie taught college English at the University of Houston where the discovered a talent for researching, writing and editing. In the early 1970s she honed her selling
skills in the employ of one of Texas' wealthiest families, the Hugh Roy Cullen Family, who were active oilmen, ranchers, equestrians, and breeders of Arabians (the Marshalls). The Cullen family, one of Texas' wealthiest families, founded the University of Houston (Marie's alma mater), the Quintana Petroleum Corporation, and the Cullen Center Bank and Trust. Marie used her communication and selling skills to help raise money for charities such as the Houston Hunter & Jumper Charity Show.

During her approximately 30 years in Santa Clara County, in Northern California, Marie "made it big" in real estate, selling tens of millions of dollars of residential properties in the Cupertino and Saratoga hills where she lived and rode her horse (along with her sisters, Margaret and Marcia, also Horse People --and who still live and ride in the Bay area.) For over 20 years Marie was one of the top Realtors in Santa Clara County (i.e., Silicon Valley) in residential real estate.

During the two worst real estate depressions of 1980-1983, when interest rates escalated to 17%, and again in 1989-1992, when the bottom again fell out of the market bringing most Realtors to their knees, practically all of Marie's listings continued to sell in record time  month after month. Her success was never dependent upon how "well the market was doing," but was based upon her avant-garde marketing, belief in her properties, appraisal knowledge, research, financing, love of people, and animals. Most importantly, her success was also directly attributable to her commitment to giving top service to her clients.

During the eighties and nineties, her sincere and creative leading-edge approach to the field of real estate as a career and an exciting way of life, catapulted her to becoming one of the leading Realtors in northern California.

In 1994, Marie took a two-year sabbatical in Taos, New Mexico, where she became a broker and taught continuing education courses. In 1996 Marie returned to Santa Clara County to sell real estate for a while then onto El Dorado County to live full-time at their ranch and to specialize in horse and ranch property while riding her horse in the beautiful and scenic Sierra and Tevis Cup trails.

BRIEFLY, New Mexico Broker
While on a "intended sabbatical" in Taos, New Mexico, to become owner-builders of their vacation home with her hubby Dave, Marie became a Real Estate Broker, sold and managed a diverse range of rural properties and taught courses to beginning Realtors at the New Mexico Real Estate Assn., while her hubby supervised construction.  Marie and Dave still own their high-tech, passive-solar, vacation home in Taos, NM  returning yearly for "rest and recreation." 
to where Marie and Dave have finally relocated with two of their horses."

Marie has authored many articles for buyers and sellers relative to buying and selling rural real estate and horse properties. Her articles have been published on her popular website and in horse magazines and horse organization newsletters throughout California

Winter in Taos, NM

Marie  Griffith at her CA ranch

Dave and Marie Griffith, New Mexico and Arizona

HOBBIES: For fun and relaxation, Marie and Dave loves trail riding with their thoroughbred mare, Rhea, and Arabian, Sheik, including the Taos Saddle Club and the Back Country Horsemen. Marie enjoys art,  photography, and ACIM  while her husband, Dave, is active in the Mounted Patrol of Search & Rescue. They both enjoy networking, spiritual fun, and spending time discovering new trails in the Great Southwest.  (Taos,  in Northern New Mexico, near Santa Fe,  7,500 elevation, and mainly noted for its 125 art galleries, scenic vistas, the Pueblo Indians, and skiing at Taos Mountain, Red River, Angel Fire; and, of course, for the beautiful sunny skies and high desert dry climate). Twenty (20) degrees in Taos, is like 35 degrees in California because of the Taos dryness and very sunny winter days.

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