Why Good Horse Health Is Good For A Happy Animal

Horse Health is directly related to the frame of mind your animal displays. Like humans, horses can feel sick. If your mare has suddenly become bad-tempered, he may be ailing. Certainly, if your horse does not feel well his mood will be negatively affected.

Horses, like people can develop back problems and leg troubles. Horses utilize their back muscles constantly, even for the smallest of movements. Horses can become somewhat annoyed if they have injured their back or legs. The useful life of a horse is up to fifteen years. It is the mature horse that is most likely to injure his back. Arthritis on the hock of a horse is a familiar sign of an injured back. The animal may apply too much stress to his back causing an injury. Shoes that do not properly fit the animal may also cause a bad back.

As has been stated, the disposition of the animal is an excellent sign of a sickness. Horses can have tumors that produce hormones that will cause a change in mood. Obviously, cancer is never good, but they are not always malignant. Rectal examines can check for growths. A blood test may also show cancer is present in the animal.

Horses can be afflicted with allergies. This malady can be difficult to diagnose. Tears in the eyes, excessive coughing, and lumps on the shoulders are a good sign of allergies. It is possible for your horse to be reaction free for years, and then suddenly develop sensitivity. The most common of these are allergic reactions on the skin. The horse can also develop Heaves, or a respiratory allergy. Coughing is may be a sign of this ailment.

White Lines Disease is an illness that has become a concern in recent years. It is most noticeable on the hoof area of the animal, and is most common in humid climates. The disease can proceed to such a point that a part of the hoof used for protection will actually separate from the foot itself. When this happens the hoof becomes exposed to bacteria. This usually causes chronic infections.

There are a things horse owners can do to maintain good health in their horses. Modern digital thermometers can be picked up anywhere. Insert the device into the rectal region to take the temperature of your horse. You can read the pulse of your horse under the chin, or beneath the area of the tail.

Finally, horse health is vital to having a happy horse. Certainly it is essential for a long and healthy life.


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