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Horses are incredible. They are our companions, our partners, and fun to be around. If you own a horse, then you understand that they take a sizable amount of energy and effort to take care of.

My Equestrian Community is a site that was created by horse enthusiasts, and our purpose is to make it easier for everyone to give their horses the best care that they deserve. That's why our staff works hard to present useful information and content and brings it to our viewers in the videos and articles portion of our website.

We also maintain a horse supply shop with tremendous savings on nutrition, grooming accessories, and other essentials. So, when you plan to give your horse the care that they deserve, let My Equestrian Community show you how.

We give credit to every horse owner out there – providing hay & feed, grooming, and health care to horses is hard, but it's worth it when you view the results.

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